Advanced Nurse Roles

Nurses have common roles before they advance and specialize in different fields. In tat line, a nurse administrator, nurse educator and nurse practitioner have some common roles, apart from the fact that they are prepared to perform specific, different roles.

The first commonality between the three advanced nurse categories is research. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) (2014), an advanced nurse, regardless of the specialty, should be a researcher. For example, at an advanced nurse practitioner performs advanced research on nursing trends in the practice. The nurse educator also conducts research on curriculum development and a nurse administrator conducts research in the area of nursing administration. They all have to advance their areas of specialization through research. The second commonality in advanced nurse roles is in the area of leadership. The CNA (2008) outlines that advanced nurses should be leaders in their areas of expertise. The advanced nursing curriculum prepares them to be leaders. For example, the nurse administrator should demonstrate unique, distinguished leadership in nursing administration, so is the nurse educator in education, as well as a nurse practitioner in the practice.

Their roles are also different. While a nurse educator specializes in nursing education, a nurse practitioner specializes in matters of nursing practice in a healthcare setting. A nurse administrator, on the other hand, is primarily charged with administrating nursing staff I a healthcare setting. The other difference is that a nurse practitioner directly assesses, diagnosis and administers care to patients. On the other hand, a nurse administrator supervises the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients. The nurse educator, on his/her part, teaches other nurses on how to assess, diagnose and treat patients (Riendeau, 2007).


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