Canarsie Health Profile

New York is presented as the most diverse region in the United States mainly due to the differences in the nature of its various neighborhoods. This implies that every neighborhood has different factors that influence the health status of its residents. Several health problems occur mainly because of the nature of the environment in which an individual lives in. Indeed, several elements impact on the health and well-being of the members of a particular community. This implies that many bodies and individuals have a responsibility in responding to the health needs of the residents in the region. As much as the government

Assessment of the health status of a community has become one of the major roles of the public health care sector. Indeed, past studies have been conducted to ascertain the most chronic illnesses in diverse regions in the United States. Different regions have different rates of illnesses due to several factors including the topography, climate, and even the ethnicity of the residents. This paper will study the health profile of Canarsie, Brooklyn in a bid to provide a working health plan for the communities in the region.


Canarsie is a community filled with the miIDle class working individuals in which a larger proportion is the black community. As much as the neighborhood is largely residential, there are commercial activities taking place in the area. The region is located in the southeastern part of the Brooklyn, and it is still a part of the Brooklyn Community Board. This region has several ethnic groups existing in the US. However, Canarsie was largely inhabited by the white people before the number of the black people began increasing. The overall population of the region is approximately 200,000 people most of which are black. From history lessons, Canarsie was a region that was largely populated by the white members of the American Society. However, through the years, the black community has increased in number in the community implying that most of the residents are black.

Statistics suggests that the black community in the US has many social and financial challenges. However, this is not entirely true because the black community living in Canarsie is a miIDle-income community, which can afford most of its essential and even tertiary needs. As much as the region is filled with miIDle-earners, there are recurring medical problems in the region, which include asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. It is evident that many people in the United States have a problem with their weight. This problem is compounded by the busy nature of the people in Canarsie, which forces them to opt for fast foods. These foods are attributed to problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. However, the health challenge that affects most people in Canarsie is Asthma mainly because of the environment they live in. This problem affects a large percentage of black people in this community. As much as this community has various health problems, it is better compared to other regions in the US.

Demographic and Epidemiological Data of Canarsie

Although Canarsie is largely inhabited by the black community, several other communities exist in the region. Currently, the region’s overall population is approximately 198,000 implying that it has expanded over the years. The population of the blacks in this neighborhood is on an upward trend while that of the white Americans is shrinking daily. Indeed, reports suggest that while the blacks had a population of the black people was approximately 36,000 in the year 2000 that of the white’s population was just 16,000. This shows how status has changed in this region over the years. The female population is higher in this region than that of men with 56% being women and just 44% being men.

The mortality rate has reduced over the years in Canarsie mainly due to the increasing recognition of the need for healthy living. This rate of drop shows how the rate of death has reduced in the whole of New York City. Data from the past suggests that the death rate in this region has been low compared to other parts in New York over a long period. As much as the region has several cases of obesity, the illnesses that cause most deaths in this region are the heart attack and cancer. All these diseases are related to the lifestyles of the residents most of whom are working. The busy nature of the schedules of these residents implies that they use fast foods, which are known to be unhealthy because they contain cholesterol and other unhealthy ingredients.

Windshield Survey Findings

Canarsie is largely inhabited by the black community with 51% living in this region. The Hispanics and Asians make up the rest of the population. There is a huge disparity of the illnesses that affect these populations in that Asthma seems to affect the blacks, while a large proportion of the Hispanics and the Asians are affected by heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Indeed, 3% of the black inhabitants are affected by Asthma, 24% of Asians are affected by obesity, and 9% of Hispanics are affected by Diabetes. Heart disease affects 26% of the whole of this population. The government has implemented many programs to curb the occurrence of cancer in this region, but the residents’ lifestyles deplete these efforts.


The main health problem in this region is Asthma, Cancer, and obesity mainly because a large number of people in the region are affected by the illness. This is also because a condition such as obesity is a cause of other illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. In aIDition, the seriousness of an illness such as Cancer implies that it should be taken as the main health problem in the region.

One of the main objectives of the Healthy People 2020 is the eradication of cancer and obesity. This choice of the main problem affecting the people in Canarsie goes in line with this objective because the main purpose of identification is to allow for a formulation of a treatment and prevention plan.


The main health problem in Canarsie region is obesity, cancer, and asthma, which affects the whole population in the region. However, the most affected community is the black community because of their large numbers in this place. The identification of the main health problem in the region allows the health authorities as well as the people to design plans that would enable them to prevent or treat these illnesses.

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