Data Analysis

Using the “Comparative Table Template,” create a table that compares quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods articles. Provide the table as an appendix to the paper.

Organize the table according to the following. Type of article. Title of the article. Type of analysis: Describe the process of analysis. There can be more than one. Applicability of test: Describe other analyses that could be used and why? Reliability and validity: Describe either the reliability and validity measures of tools used in the study or the techniques used to enhance reliability and validity in the study.

Write a 500-1000 word paper discussing the application of data analysis, reliability and validity, and assorted statistical tests used in health related research. Include the following in your paper: State the types of study used in each article. Discuss the types of statistical tests used within each article and why they have been chosen. Discuss the applicability of the chosen statistical test and why the statistical test was chosen. Discuss the differences between parametric and nonparametric tests and how they were applied in the articles you chose. Evaluate how the factors of reliability and validity are accounted for in the articles (of instruments and surveys or in the design and data collection conducted). Summarize how the chosen studies could be applied within the context of your practice

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