Write a 500-800 word paper discussing the different methodologies and designs used in each study.

Discuss the external and internal validity issues associated with each methodology and design. Provide a brief summary of each article. Cite using APA format, do NOT use full article titles in your writing. Discuss the external and internal validity issues associated with each methodology and design.  Evaluate the source (i.e. the journal) the article was published in. Evaluate the sources, type of sources, the quantity of sources, and applicability of sources the authors use. Check the information you are using against another source beyond the reference page to ensure the validity of the research. For example, if the piece includes specific dates or facts, check those dates and facts against a second reliable source. If the facts do not match, there is a good chance the research article is not entirely valid. Verify the author’s credentials, and co-author’s credentials. Describe how the authors described the specific details of how the study was designed as well as the overall study components. How did the authors describe the rigor of the study? How did the authors control for extraneous variables? How did the authors establish the effects of the intervention/treatment? There are several types of internal validity factors to evaluate including experimental mortality, randomization, blinding, adverse effects of placebo administration, and scientific misconduct. Are there any methodological problems? Do the authors demonstrate statistical significance? Use the same criteria for establishing the effects of treatment to evaluate the methodological problems. How did the authors establish a case for generalizability? Generalization can be established even if the authors did not use randomization, if this is the case in the articles you chose, describe how the authors evaluated for generalizability. Describe how using a different methodology or design might have been beneficial for each study and describe why. Summarize your entire paper.

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