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   Family Nurse Practitioners advance patient wellbeing by assessing complex family dynamics through the analysis of pathologies and the implementation of treatment plans that fits the needs of the patients (Norwick, 2016).  I chose the specialty of FNP because I would like to work with families and communities.  One organization that exemplifies the concept of family practice while implementing best-practices is the University of Miami Outpatient Family Care Center.  

            The University of Miami Outpatient Family Care Center is a subsidiary of the greater University of Miami Research Center and it is guided by three principles:  to promote wellness, to advance research about family practice, and to provide top quality comprehensive, customer friendly health care.  The mission of the organization is to provide personalized and comprehensive care to the community.  In this organization, FNPs provide preventative services in the form of routine analysis, well child checks, school and work physicals, teach patients about health promoting activities, conduct screenings and immunizations, and manage chronic conditions. 


Scanlon, A., Cashin, A., Bryce, J., Kelly, J. G., & Buckely, T. (2016). The complexities of defining nurse practitioner scope of practice. Collegian, 23, 129–142.

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