Signature Assignment

Please provide the following information about your culture which is the ANCIENT EMPIRE:

Content Introduction with a thesis statement Provide a brief history of your culture Explain how your chosen culture is represented in the United States Is your culture individualistic or collectivistic? Provide at least one example What are some of the artistic (art, music, architecture, dance) contributions of your culture? What are some values of your culture? Provide at least three examples Discuss your culture’s religion(s)? Include name and basic belief system of at least one of the major faiths What are some of the sex and gender role differences in your culture? Provide at least three examples Discuss what we would need to know to acculturate into your culture (if it is a culture from the past, what would we need to do in order to fit in during that timeframe). Provide at least one concrete suggestion Conclusion

Specific Paper Requirements: Four-page minimum: six-page maximum (Times New Roman, 1-inch marginsm 12-pt. font, double-spaced) Quality of writing: Must contain in-text citations in APA format Spelling and Grammar Correct APA style format A minimum of three or more credible sources (books, journal articles, magazine/newspaper articles, etc.) 

Paper Outline:



Cultural Context Represented in the United States Individualistic/Collective Artistic Values Religion

Sex and Gender Roles




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